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Winter in Santorini: Amazing Beauty and Feelings!

If you thought that summers in Santorini were spectacular then you will be blown away by its winters!

The winter season on the island of Santorini is a magical affair. The large crowds of tourists are gone, most of the summer venues are closed and all that is left is the wild savage spirit of Santorini, standing proudly in the midst of the Aegean Sea.


As the temperature drops, the atmosphere gets clearer; everything seems brighter, almost cleaner. Walking through the cobblestone alleys of the picturesque villages as the wind sweeps your face suddenly brings everything into perspective; you can admire the minimalistic architecture, the breathtaking landscapes, the contrast between the imposing stillness of the caldera and the tumultuous uproar of the sea.

Visitors in Santorini during the winter experience a fascinating sensation of time travel; few things remind you of today, and the daily life seems more appropriate to many centuries past.

Especially in the mainland, in quaint villages such as Megalochori, Pyrgos or Emporeio the feeling that takes over all your senses is nostalgic awe.


In the wuthering peaks of Santorini the panoramic views are jaw-dropping; the caldera surrounded yet totally unaffected by the soaring waves, overcast by threatening clouds that will soon be gone leaving nothing but the revitalizing energy of the rain.

The locals seem to have a different disposition as well; milder, calmer, more laid back, as the vibrant days of summer have taken with them all feelings of rush and urgency.

Their jovial hospitality remains still the same as during the summer, if not multiplied,  welcoming every visitor with an effortless smile and ensuring that they share every insider’s tip they have, and treating them with shots of ouzo or raki or a glass of the house wine.


Winters in Santorini may not be your typical snow-filled and freezing cold ones, but they are still as amazing as this one-of-a-kind island could ever be!

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