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The wineries of Santorini: an overview!

The island of Santorini claims worldwide notoriety for a number of things; its scenic caldera, its picturesque sceneries, the elegant cubic buildings and its exclusive produce, forged by the volcanic ground, the scorching sun and the scarcity of rain.

This miraculous synthesis has resulted in some indigenous grape varieties of outstanding taste from which the most delicious wines are extracted and families across the island have mastered the art of viniculture through the course of many generations.


The Santorini vineyard spans across the villages of Megalochori, Mesa Gonia, Exo Gonia and Messaria, and most of the island’s prominent wineries are located in these areas. Most of the wineries welcome visitors enthusiastically, and their proprietors are always happy to offer wine tastings and tours of their facilities, where one can witness in detail the traditional vinification process.

In venetsianos, two traditional wineries stand out for their delightful wines but also for their beautiful canavas – the underground cave-like rooms where barrels of wine are left to mature.

Venetsianos winnery

The first is the picturesque winery of the Venetsanos family, situated in a breathtaking location over the Athinios port, with a magnificent view of the caldera; the vintage Santorini, Mandilaria and Nykteri wine are produced here.

In fact, the winery’s facilities and scenery are so gorgeous that many have chosen its grounds for their wedding parties.

The second winery in Megalochori is the Gavalas family establishment, famous for their top quality Katsano wine with the long, sweet finish of honey and lemon blossoms.

Their underground canava boasts an imposing tunnel – museum that leads to a charming courtyard where the winery’s guests are greeted with wine tastings and Santorinian delicacies.

Gavalas winery

In Megalochori you can also find the Boutari winery, that has introduced more modern winemaking procedures, as well as the decommissioned Antoniou winery, open only as an exhibition.

Apart from Megalochori, you can find wines of outstanding quality all around the island, in wineries such as Art Space winery in Exo Gonia, Canava Roussos and Argyros estate in Mesa Gonia, Santo Wines and Hatzidakis in Pyrgos and Sigalas estate in Oia- just to name a few. Santorini and its delectable wines are certain to please even the most demanding oenophiles.


The listing for the Megalochori and Santorini wineries follows!


Venetsanos Winery, Megalochori, Tel. +30 2286 021100, www.venetsanoswinery.com

Gavalas Winery, Megalochori, Tel. +30 2286 082552, www.gavalaswines.gr

Boutari Winery, Megalochori, Tel. +30 2286 081011, www.boutari.gr

Art Space Winery, Exo Gonia, Tel. +30 2286 032774, www.artspace-santorini.com

Canava Roussos, Mesa Gonia, Tel. +30 2286 031349, www.canavaroussos.gr

Argyros Estate, Mesa Gonia, Tel. +30 2286 031489, www.estate-argyros.com

Santo Wines Winery, Pyrgos, Tel. +30 2286 028058, www.santowines.gr

Hatzidakis Winery, Pyrgos, Tel +30 2286 032552, www.hatzidakiswines.gr

Sigalas Estate, Oia, Tel. +30 2286 0716444, www.sigalas-wine.com

Gaia Wines, Exo Gonia, Tel. +30 2286 034186, www.gaia-wines.gr

Koutsogianopoulos Winery, Vothonas, Tel. +30 2286 031322, www.santoriniwinemuseum.com

NEW- Vassaltis Winery, Vourvoulos, Tel. +30 2286 022211, www.vassaltis.com

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