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The unique cherry tomato of Santorini!

Read all about the unique cherry tomato of Santorini!

The volcanic eruption that gave Santorini its distinct crescent shape was not just a catastrophe for the island; with it came compensation, a blessing to counterbalance the havoc.

The soil was enriched by layers of magma and ash, resulting in a rich blend that cultivates products full of amazing flavors and tastes, rich in nutrients that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


The most famous of these products is the unique Santorinian cherry tomato.

This succulent treasure is covered by a thick, hard crimson skin that protects its mouthwatering, fiery fruit that springs to life without any additional watering other than that absorbed by the nightly moisture.

The Santorinian cherry tomatoes have been highly sought after as a rare and delightful delicacy.

The thick and luscious tomato paste was exported to every corner of the world, and many a dish were elevated by its exquisite piquant flavor.

Needless to say, the days when the harvest of the cherry tomatoes is at its peak are considered a festivity to the natives, days of glorious celebration that excite old and young alike, whether local or visitors.

In the heart of the summer, in the second half of July it seems that all you can see when wandering around the island is ton after ton of flaming red little tomatoes, gathered in traditional straw woven baskets and led to the facilities that will transform it into the notorious tomato paste of Santorini.

The culinary identity of the island has been deeply influenced by the cherry tomato, as well as the rest of the volcanic treasures of Santorini’s agriculture. Dishes that highlight this heritage are the cornerstone of Santorinian gastronomy, offering at the same time inspiration for pioneering innovations. Savour the majestic combination of cherry tomatoes and Vinsanto wine, another of Santorini’s one-of-a-kind products, or tomatoes flavored by cappers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to incorporate this stunning ingredient to your own culinary explorations; sundried cherry tomatoes for your pizza or salads, tomato paste for a rich, succulent stew, a cherry tomato and olive oil tapenade to serve as a dip, or even a marmalade type of sweet to complement your yoghurt or porridge.

Anydro shop in Megalochori (www.anydro.gr) offers a wide selection of Santorinian cherry tomato products to complement your every recipe.

One thing is for sure, your palate will never be the same after tasting this exquisite ingredient; the Santorinian cherry tomato in all its expressions will make a fan out of you and, just like everything else on this majestic island will make you love it forever.

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