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The other side of Santorini: The Top 5 things to do in Megalochori

Megalochori is an agricultural village in the hinterland of Santorini, in the island’s main vineyard where the grapes that result in the famous Vinsanto wine are grown. Although not a par excellence touristic destination, Megalochori attracts a significant number of visitors mostly attracted by the village’s beauty and authenticity. Our recommendation of the top 5 things to do when in Megalochori is:

Traditional Greek door at Santorini Island, Megalochori

Long strolls: this picturesque village is ideal for long strolls in its scenic cobblestone alleys. Charming, whitewashed buildings with the iconic Cycladic-blue details and minimalistic décor in a tranquil environment that takes your cares away.

Visit the caldera of Akrotiri: away from the bustling town of Fira, the Akrotiri part of the caldera offers majestic views to the Aegean in a calm, romantic ambiance that very few places can compete. In the evenings, watching the notorious sunset from Akrotiri is a far less crowded experience that lacks nothing in grandeur.


Visit craftshops and exhibitions: as Megalochori is not overly touristic, there aren’t many souvenir shops that address to the masses. On the contrary, shops and workshops have maintained their unique, time-honored character and appeal.

Art galleries, photography ateliers and pottery workshops are just some of the enterprises you can admire in Megalochori, and you can even try your aptitudes and talents in pottery lessons, where you can create your very own Santorinian souvenirs.

Earth & Water Potery



Egli’s Pottery Studio  



1260 ceramic studio 



Eat at the traditional tavernas: it is often said that in order to truly understand a place, you have to taste its traditional food; and what better place to try the unique products of Santorini like the fava beans or the cherry tomatoes, than within sight of the actual fields where they grow? If you reach the square of Megalochori around noon, you will be mesmerised by the delicious smells seductively tempting your nose from the little tavernas.


Raki Restaurant (Tel. +30 2286 081724, https://www.facebook.com/RAKISantorini/) in the center of Megalochori


Feggera Restaurant (Tel. +30 22860 82930, www.feggera.gr) for its creative dishes, the tavern


Mousiko Kouti (Tel. +30 22860 85282) for food cooked with local ingredients


Taverna Geromanolis which is one of the oldest in the village.


For a value for money meal you can sit at the romantic yard of Aylogyros (Tel. +30 2286085073).

Visit the wineries:  Megalochori’s main source of income throughout the centuries was the sweet, highly sought after Vinsanto wine.

The wineries of Venetsanos and Gavalas, both family owned for generations, have maintained the traditional “canavas” and continue the viniculture procedures of their ancestors with respect to their rich heritage as well as the modern vinification techniques.

Wine tastings are a delightful – and intoxicating experience that you shouldn’t miss.

For Wineries of Megalochori find here all the details:

Venetsanos Winery, Megalochori, Tel. +30 2286 021100, www.venetsanoswinery.com

Gavalas Winery, Megalochori, Tel. +30 2286 082552, www.gavalaswines.gr

Boutari Winery, Megalochori, Tel. +30 2286 081011, www.boutari.gr

Venetsianos winnery

Megalochori is the place to be if you are looking for some time off from the crammed Fira, and you will definitely enjoy it.

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