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The First Day of May – a Salute to summer

The first day of May is a jovial day of festivities in Greece; not only is it Labor Day, an international public holiday, it is also a day of celebration of spring, a salute so to say to the upcoming summer. As May 1st is halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, it is considered the first day of spring, and it is celebrated accordingly; people rush to enjoy the scent of the first blossoms, the refreshing fragrance of the land and the grass and the lulling buzz of honey bees and little birds.


For many, the first day of May is the day when everything awakens, when a fresh breath of life is given to all of nature’s creations; it is only natural that this day is celebrated in nature’s embrace, with long walks in the countryside, flower-picking, picnics and joy.


Protomagia, as it is known in Greek, is riddled with traditions that date as far back as the ancient times, and the most profound one is the wreath of May flowers. The front door of every homestead is adorned by a wreath made with fresh flowers, and this wreath is kept there till June 23rd, when they are all gathered and burned in huge bonfires in every village’s square.


As the people of Santorini rush to the countryside to revere in the blissful sensations of this day, local tavernas prepare a delicacy that celebrates the upcoming summer in the most delicious way! The blossom of zucchinis is stuffed with a fragrant mix of rice and fresh herbs and baked to make the most typical dish of Protomagia and of the entire summer! Local tavernas in Megalochori, Pyrgos and Emporeio are certain to have stuffed-blossoms freshly made for this day, and it would be a shame not to try this unusual delicacy if you have the chance.


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The First Day of May – a Salute to the summer
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