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Where to enjoy: Yoga & Recreational activities in Santorini!

Houses hanging over the edge of a steep cliff, the shimmering white contrasting the deep blue of the sea, elegance found in both the island’s simplicity and its luscious cosmopolitan ambiance. The island of Santorini is the epitome of balance; and what better place to inspire mindfulness and body balance than in such a harmonious and awe inspiring environment?

Imagine the terrace of a typical, Santorinian house in the limelight; seclusion and tranquility where nothing stands between you and the refreshing breeze, where the sea reaches as far as the eye can see and the sun begins its trek across the sky peaking up from the horizon. This is the moment when you can become one with this magnificent land, when you can pay uninterrupted attention to your meditation and body awareness. Greet the rising sun with the most peaceful sun salutation and enjoy your morning Yoga flow on this unique place on earth, Santorini.

If morning practice was thrilling, imagine the idyllic calmness and mindfulness you can achieve with the world’s most stunning sunset as your font. Active asánas in the captivating aura of the twilight will transform your Yoga or Pilates routine to a fascinating experience. If you are a novice, then starting your practice in any of Santorini’s gorgeous locales, will be an illuminating experience.

There are Yoga practitioners on the island who will provide private Yoga sessions at their studios the spot of your choice, whether that is your terrace or veranda, one of Santorini’s beaches or on a rock where you feel truly inspired. Most Yoga and Pilates instructors also have classes throughout the week specially designed for people on holidays, regardless of their previous experience.

You can indulge in some other, less private or soul-searching recreational activities in Santorini. Beach Volley, water-skiing, parasailing, kite surfing, hiking, horse riding and mountain bike are just some of the most popular activities on the island and you are certain to easily find expert help and instruction, as well as willing participants to join you in your quest to find –or restore harmony, body balance and wellbeing.

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