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Volcanic and unspoiled: the natural beaches of Santorini!

The abrupt change in Santorini’s terrain caused by the volcanic eruption that gave it its unique shape and the stunning caldera, created some pretty unusual beaches. Covered in volcanic black sands and hidden under harsh, imposing rock formations, one can find wild natural beaches that seem almost like they don’t belong on this earth. The beaches of Santorini are rough, with a captivating savage beauty and the waters are crystal clear and cool, a contrast that only adds to their primitive appeal.

The Red beach is the first of these natural beaches. It gets its name from the terracotta colored rock that engulfs it, creating a lunar scenery of seclusion. Snorkeling and scuba diving in the sea of the  Red beach is quite interesting due to the amazing underwater rock formations. The Red beach is located close to Akrotiri, and you can get there by car or by boat from the port of Akrotiri.

Next to the Red Beach, separated by the big rock that blocks the coastline, lies the White beach. It quite similar to the Red, only the rocks above it are white – hence its name. It is a bit harder to reach it, through a path from the Red beach, thus it is quieter and less crowded.

Near Akrotiri as well, but towards the Faros lighthouse is the charming beach of Bella, another natural spot you should take the time to visit when you are at the Red and White beaches.


The most secluded natural beach of Santorini is Cape Columbo. Close to the island’s most active underwater crater, the waters of Cape Columbo are hot. There is no organization on the beach whatsoever, and the dramatic scenery adds to the beach’s primitive and naturalistic appeal.

Quite close to Columbo, another secluded natural beach is Pori, a small stretch of sand surrounded by red rocks and rather quiet, ideal for relaxing moments away from large crowds.

The island’s natural beaches are attractive in their savage beauty, and their wild rocky backgrounds distinguish them from the more “typical” Greek island beaches with the long lacy sands and ample facilities. Yet, they own up to their unique character and they are certain to become your favorites!

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