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The Majesty of the Megalochori Caldera

Off the beaten track doesn’t mean there is no sight or view of the caldera; on the contrary, there are many spots in the off caldera village of Megalochori from where you can admire a charming view to the caldera and the sea.

You can walk from Megalochori to the cliffs in a hiking route surrounded by the wild nature and the fragrance of the Great Santorinian vineyard, and once you reach the edge it may seem impossible to climb down the steep cliff.


On a closer look you will discover small pathways, some paved and leveled with steps, and some just walkways worn from the footsteps of courageous visitors who were rewarded with the awe inspiring sensation of exploring a site so wild and untouched.

Windswept rocks, sculpted by the forging power of the volcanic eruption so many thousands of years ago, twists and turns that reveal step by step amazing views to Fira and the Santorini caldera.

Climbing down the cliffs directly beneath the village of Megalochori, you will come across a delightful chapel hidden above the waves called Christos Athermi.

The black sand beach under the chapel is a refreshing reward after the rather hard climb down the cliff, but it is certainly a memorable experience filled with picture-perfect images and an almost lunar sensation of solitude and savage wilderness.


When exploring the beauty of the Megalochori and its caldera, you will come across a small selection of restaurants not so known for their gastronomy but more for their peaceful location.

Especially at sunset time, the mesmerizing sunset gives its own charm to the food, elevating it to an entirely new experience.

An establishment that attracts a fair share of visitors on the caldera in Megalochori is the Venetsanos winery, above the Athinios port.

Built in the traditional Santorinian architectural style of the “canavas”, the winery is open to the oenophile public offering wine tastings, of an incredible array of Santorinian wines, delightful Santorinian treats and even offers its grounds as a wedding venue sometimes a bit touristic but as it has many levels you will easily find a spot for relaxation away from the noisy crowds in a breathtaking environment overlooking the entire caldera and the majestic Aegean Sea.


The caldera of Megalochori may not seem much at a glance, but once you discover its hidden treasures, you will find that in Santorini,  even spots away from the main attractions have their own charm and original character.

Tip : Directions to Venetsanos Winery click here 

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