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The beach of Kamari – Santorini’s most popular beach!

It is now time to start visiting the beaches of Santorini. Kamari will be our first stop. Before or after your visit to Kamari do not forget that you can always enjoy a stroll to Megalochori as it is as far as 10 minutes’ drive away!

Join us now as we are going to Kamari beach, Santorini to swim, relax, shop and find out what’s more!


Kamari in Greek means boast, pride, and accordingly Kamari beach is the pride of the island. Situated in the eastern coast of Santorini, this 5 km stretch of black sand welcomes swimmers and beach goers by the thousands and is truly popular throughout the summer.

The beach of Kamari is fully organized, with sunbeds and umbrellas throughout its length, as well as any other facility you can think off; lifeguards, water sports and scuba diving centers, changing booths, beach bars cafes and restaurants for every taste.

The waters of Kamari are cool and exceptionally clear, a true delight in the heat of the summer, and even though the beach is not your typical “golden sandy beach”, it is loved by many, and considered one of the best beaches of Santorini.

An unusual characteristic of Kamari is the airplanes flying over it, as the airport is really close. For some it’s a nuisance, for others a spectacle, and for sure you will be surprised by how close you get to be with a flying aircraft!


The Kamari seaside promenade is long and pleasant, accessible only to pedestrians and full of cafes and shops.

It is easy to reach Kamari by car, and adequate parking lots add to its accessibility, and the bus routes connect it to Fira and every other destination of Santorini

Close to Kamari is the beach of Perissa, another popular beach of Santorini, and to the south, the Mesa Vouno Mountain is the home of the Ancient city of Thera, an archaeological monument of immense significance.

Mesa Vouno has also some delightful hiking routes such as the path from Ancient Thera to the monastery of Prophet Ilias and the village of Pyrgos, which passes through a Natura 2000 protected area of natural beauty and overwhelming views.


Kamari beach is without a doubt the most popular beach of Santorini and a great place for all.

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