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A day in Santorini’s Hinterland

Santorini has many wonders to offer its visitors; the imposing caldera and its mesmerizing architecture, its volcanic beaches with black sands and otherworldly rock formations and the breath-taking sunsets, but there is also a side of Santorini more pure and uncomplicated; the mainland of Santorini showcases the daily life of its locals, and spending a day in Santorini’s hinterland is an experience you will love.


Start your day with an exciting activity; hiking from Pyrgos village to the monastery of Profitis Ilias and then to the site of Ancient Thera. The area you will be passing through is a Natura 2000 protected area and the most indicative of Santorini’s nature, plus the panoramic views you will get to enjoy on the way are truly rewarding. Exploring the medieval village of Pyrgos is an equally exciting activity, and strolling through the narrow stone paved alleys is a nostalgic experience into the Venetian era of Santorini.


As noon sets in and the heat of the summer starts taking a toll on your activities, it is time for a visit in one of Santorini’s famous wineries such as Gavalas, Venetsanou or Santowines. Learn all about the winemaking traditions of the island and visit an authentic – and cool – canava while indulging in a spirituous wine tasting of the finest local wines.


In the evening, the tranquil village of Megalochori is simply mesmerizing, and the ideal locale for a stroll into the authentic life of Santorinians. The quaint alleys, the traditional architecture and the lack of mainstream tourism create a soothing, timeless atmosphere that would make the perfect ending of a perfect day in the hinterland of Santorini. Combine your visit to Megalochori with a horseback ride or dinner in a traditional tavern with the unique tastes of Santorini’s signature dishes.


Create your very own adventure and take in the rough, unspoiled beauty of this inimitable island and experience a day in Santorini’s hinterland that you will never forget!

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