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10 things to do for a break from the crowds!

Santorini is a magical holiday destination with numerous attractions; a jaw-dropping caldera, picture-perfect alleys filled with the iconic whitewashed buildings and the most romantic sunsets in the world! Its beauty attracts thousands of visitors, and even though that is definitely part of the charm, sometimes you just need to get away from the bustling crowds. For these moments when you seek tranquility, here are 10 things to do for a break from the crowds!


// A stroll at Emporeio or the medieval Pyrgos to admire the traditional architecture.

// Seek and find the remote beach of Cambia or Coloumbo where it will be just you and the sea.

// Explore the Kastelia and Goulades of Santorini at Pyrgos, Pounta (Akrotiri), Skaros, Oia and Emporeio.

// Visit Megalochori village for an up-close look into Santorini’s genuine everyday life.

// Hike to the Lighthouse of Akrotiri to stand on the tip of the island.

// Taste the true Santorini in a private wine tasting in an authentic canava in one of the wineries of the island where Vinsanto and other delicious wines are made.

// Embark on a private sailing cruise to the volcanoes or around the island for a closer look to the majestic caldera and the coasts of Santorini.

// Try local products and traditional dishes of Santorini in a quaint tavern in Megalochori, Emporeio or Finikia.

//Take a horseback ride around the countryside of Santorini.

//Find your favorite spot on the island and indulge in your favorite hobby; read a book while sipping on a glass of Santorinian wine, take amazing photos or just relax in the sun.
Choose one – or even all of them- and immerse yourself in the soothing calmness of inner Santorini; you will come one step closer to the true soul of the island, the amazing experience that is Santorini.

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